SES loves MCBA

SES loves MCBA
SES loves MCBA!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our first student 25 reader!

Congratulations to Jarod for reading all 25 nominated books! This is quite an accomplishment and shows stamina, perseverance and determination. Nice reading, Jarod!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swindle by Riley

Riley has created a detailed diorama showing the break- in scene from Gordon Korman's Swindle. He has carefully included the main characters demonstrating their skills as the action unfolds. Be sure to stop by the library to get a look at this wonderful book project!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mr. Mahler's MCBA passport

Mr. Mahler created a passport to record each MCBA book he read and the date. He finished his first book on June 1 and his 25th on September 14! Each page is carefully hand stamped.

The London Eye Mystery by Dylan

Dylan's book project was a paper model of the London Eye. It included the main characters Kat and Ted and the warehouse. The London Eye even spins!

Abby Takes a Stand by Anna

Anna's summary:
The main characters are Abby, her mom, Jake, Jake's girl friend, Abby's friend.
Abby was telling her grandkids what happened to her in the past. I think Abby had 4 or 3 grand kids. It was very hard for Abby and her friend and Abby's mom. One day Abby and her mom were finally eaitng at the Monkey Place. She was black and black people where not treated well by white people. Abby and her family and friends went to sit ins.

Off and Running!

Well, the first three days of MCBA 2010 have been crazy! Over 300 books have been recorded in the three classes, which reflects the reading students did over the summer and early fall. WOW! Lots of children have already qualified with 5 books. This is going to be fun!